1606, 2022


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Why do I keep doing this?! I just returned from a trip to the beautiful island of St. John.  Beaches, amazing views, delicious food, and a laid back vibe. I felt on top of the world!  The trip home however, was a DISASTER! Severe weather in Washington D.C. diverted my flight to Richmond where we refueled [...]

1006, 2022

Recessions & Hidden Beauty

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Recessions & Hidden Beauty Today, a quick overview of what's going on in the financial and economic world. (Plus a discussion of the hunt for beauty in the mundane.) Stocks seem to be caught in a volatile pattern as Q1 earnings season heats up. Something surprising could trigger a big move, but it's hard to predict anything with [...]

1006, 2022

Uncertainty VS. Reality

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Uncertainty VS. Reality A philosophical question for you before we dive into the latest. Is the world more uncertain right now than it has been in the past? Or are we simply more aware of our lack of predictability and control? You don't have to go far to see headlines about uncertainty these days. Uncertainty about… [...]

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