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Our mission is to be a continuous resource in every stage of retirement by uniting clear communication, thoughtful planning, and a personalized understanding of your unique situation. This process includes a wide range of considerations, such as 401k/403B plan management, investment management, life insurance, annuities, tax and estate planning, long term care, Medicare, income planning, and social security

The Discovery meeting is where we discuss current life situations, values, dreams, and clarify your goals. We'll identify strengths, opportunities and the challenges to reaching your goals. In this meeting you will also learn about us - WHO we are, WHAT we do, HOW we are paid. Next is the strategy session, where we'll provide a review of current financial resources and give you some recommendations for an action plan that will get you to where you want to be. Next, of course, is implementation - executing your unique goal-oriented strategy, allocating funds to the agreed-upon investment strategies, and identifying additional professionals whose services will be needed for advanced planning. What is advanced planning? That includes Health Care & Long Term Care, Medicare & Medicare Supplements, Tax Planning & Tax Preparation, Estate Planning & Funeral Pre-Planning. Finally, we provide effective oversight which includes consistent, periodic monitoring of progress and life changes, reviewing objectives and modifying your plan as often as needed to reach your goals. Marsha will provide you with quarterly reports, periodic correspondence to keep you updated, as well as occasional educational opportunities that may be of interest

As you can imagine, we've heard a lot of concerns over nearly 20 years of getting to know people just like you. By far, running out of money before running out of life, is at the top of the list!

The GOOD news is, we have the tools to explore that fear together, and co-create a solution for getting and staying on the right track for a more comfortable life.

Perhaps YOU are wondering (or worse-yet, worrying) about the track you're on? Let us help--call (260) 338-2379 today!

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Marsha's goal is to help you formulate a customized plan that will help you achive your unique retirement vision.

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